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Preventing and Managing Infection

Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are infections that occur as a result of healthcare interventions are caused by micro-organisms (germs) such as bacteria and viruses.
Our hands, or the hands of healthcare workers are the one of the most common ways of transferring these micro-organisms.  Most healthcare associated infections can be prevented by performing hand hygiene.
Hand hygiene includes washing hands with the use of a water and soap or applying a waterless antimicrobial hand rub to the surface of the hands, for example, an Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (ABHR).  The use of ABHR is a simple, low-cost strategy to prevent the spread of many of the microbes that cause healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

There are wall-mounted ABHR dispensers throughout OPH that we encourage everyone to use as this offers the best protection to everyone in a hospital. 

Other strategies that OPH uses to prevent HAI is maintaining a clean environment and equipment, wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, mask and goggles, isolating patients who have an infective illness, using aseptic technique and sterilising specific equipment.  We appreciate any feedback you may have about these processes. 

We encourage everyone to use the ABHR provided throughout the hospital. The OPH Brochure below provides information on Hand Hygiene.  You are welcome to remind anyone in hospital to use ABHR – this includes patients, carers, families, visitors, doctors, nurses and other staff.

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